Six Best Must-Have Makeup Brands

There are so many popular makeup brands on the market. Unfortunately many of them don’t care about the well-being of other living beings. They are testing their products on innocent and helpless animals and torturing them in the most horrible way you can ever imagine… But luckily there are also great cruelty-free makeup brands who care also about the inner beauty- if you get what I mean. Many companies are taking care about vegan and cruelty-free products. The good news is: More and more companies are starting to go vegan, too! 

There are a lot of amazing cruelty-free high quality makeup brands- here are my six favorites:


Natural Cosmetics Inc. are a new makeup brand who specialise in mineral makeup. Mineral Makeup is great for anyone with acne, skin damage, redness or Rosacea and similar because minerals adhere to the skin naturally and are very lightweight. This makeup is not tested on animals and its is Vegan and Halal friendly.


Since I bought the NYX Dream Catcher Shadow, NYX Contouring Wonderstick and the NYX Lip Lingerie, I’m obsessed with this brand. You should definitely check out their matt lipstick „Lip Lingerie“!

Kat van D

A brand with very good quality products. I’m in love with Kat van D’s Highlighting and Contouring Kit! Which is also good for beginners.

Urban Decay

Who doesn’t know Urban Decay’s eyeshadow line ‚NAKED’!? High quality. No more words needed 🙂

Anastasia Beverly Hills

You can never go wrong with Anastasia Beverly Hills. They have the best products for a flawless „no makeup look“. Have you read about its inspiring history of the foundation of this brand?

Marc Jacobs Beauty

I just love this brand, its products and their designs. But please keep in mind, the brand Marc Jacobs Fragrance is not cruelty-free.


– No „beauty“ is worth an animal’s life. –

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