Semester Abroad In The Golden State – California

One Semester Abroad in California

California is love. Who wouldn’t agree!? I studied one semester abroad at the California State University in Fullerton, Orange County. The campus is huuuge and I loved it! For all the foreign students: be ready for the dreaded course crashing, oh oh… lol. My major was Entrepreneurial Management, Quality Management and Marketing. It was such a great time full of meeting new friends, exploring the states beauty and living life to its fullest. What else? Oh, and studying of course 😛 But tbh studying wasn’t in the first place, also not in the second haha. I had so much free time and only on 3 days a week classes. I’ve spent my free time with traveling, shopping and going out with friends.

Let me show you some impressions…


Hollywood signAs wonderful as its name  There are many tourists who say LA is boring and there’s nothing much to do- don’t believe that. This city is magical, but most of these tourists just don’t understand this city and you have to know that LA is not a city to just doing the tourist thing and visit the sights- it’s a city whose feeling you have to experience! That might take its time and only then you will know and understand Los Angeles. Only then you’ll be amazed of this city’s beauty. As someone who just spends 1-2 weeks there you don’t have the time to experience all its lifestyle and that’s why many people think LA is boring.

Michael Jackson WOF

Beverly Hills


A walk to the world famous Hollywood signs, through the Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. There are so many things to do and see there. The weather is always perfect. It may happens that you see some stars on the street.There’s even a TMZ Celebrity Tour and so many people are interested in that haha. I definitely recommend a hop-on hop-off Tour through LA, cause the city is so big that this is the best way to get an overall view of that place.
And did you know that this city is one of the most vegan friendly city in the world? 🙂 Los Angeles is one of my absolutely favorite cities in the world.


May be I should write a whole blogpost only about LA, what do you think?


I’ve been two times in Las Vegas. It’s a must-do when you’re in Cali for a longer time. Los Angeles isn’t that far from Las Vegas. Using the highway I-95 N it just takes around 4 hours. And trust me, even the car ride is fun! The view to the never ending desert, stopovers for some photo shoot or shopping in the shopping malls in the middle of nowhere lol. Turn on Kiss FM and enjoy the american lifestyle feeling. But watch out: The closer you get to Las Vegas the drier the air gets- so keep in mind to carry water with you, cause you’re going to feel the dry air in your throat.



Arrived in Las Vegas: There’s nothing missing in the Nightlife. Casinos in everywhere of course. A lot of Clubs like 1Oak, Marquee, Hakkasan, Drai’s Beachclub (also during the day) or the 107 SkyLounge with a nice view over Las Vegas and maaany more. But attention: it’s freezing in winter (from November). You have to see the Fountains of Bellagio! I recommend to watch the show when it’s dark outside.

Las Vegas is a crazy world.



If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…  It’s colder there than in South California make sure you bring some sweaters with you. You should see the Golden Gate Bridge definitely from different spots. Everytime you’ll be amazed again. You will notice SF’s special architecture, the hills in the city and the city’s peculiar charm. Not to miss: The Lombard Street!

Have you been in Cali already? How was it, any insider tips? Let me know 🙂

xoxo, Myla



Super Beitrag Myla 🙂 ich bin ein riiiiiesen Kalifornien Fan und war schon mehrmals dort. Im Herbst flieg ich wieder hin und wenn ich am Weg nach Vegas bin werde ich deinen Kiss FM Tipp beherzigen 😀 haha
Vielleicht gibt’s dann nach der Reise auch einen Beitrag bei mir dazu 😀
Schönen Abend noch! Lg Betty von


Hi Betty, dann haben wir ja was gemeinsam 🙂 Freut mich zu hören! Wünsche dir dort viel Spaß und lass mich dann Bescheid wissen, wenn es bei dir darüber zu lesen gibt 🙂 LG, Myla

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