Outfit Tips For Miami Beach

Miami- a city, which never sleeps. Warm, high humidity and in the evening pleasantly cool. What you should wear best? Here are the best tips for a great Miami Beach Outfit and down below are some examples- Outfits, I’ve worn in Miami Beach at night.

In the daytime I recommend to wear either some light dresses or shorts with light tops. Even when the sun isn’t shining, the humidity is usually still high. There are many things to do and to see by foot, so flat shoes are a good choice. Due to the hot weather take care with wearing make up, I recommend: not too much or -even better- not any. Sunscreens, lots of water and refreshing sleep will also do. Allow your skin to recover, jump into the ocean and let the salty water do its job 🙂 What’s better than a softly sun kissed, tender skin?
(Mine was overkissed as you can see in the video below lol).

Outfit Examples for Miami Beach

1st Miami Beach Outfit

A jeans dress by Guess combined with black Calvin Klein Peeptoes. Through the fact that it’s made of jeans I would wear such a dress only on cool nights or when you’re on the way to Ocean Drive because it’s windy there at times.

2nd Miami Beach Outfit

A champagne jumpsuit by Asos. Although it fits tightly, it’s still comfortable and doesn’t stick onto the skin thanks to its light fabric. Combined with a Victoria’s Secret Hoodie and Sneaker from Coach. Don’t forget to wear socks if you chose to wear sneaker.

3rd Miami Beach Outfit

A dress by Guess. Those cream lines on the sides highlight your waist and hips so that they give you the perfect hourglass bodyshape. The detail on the back part makes the dress even more interesting and sexy. Combined with Heels and you’re ready to go!

Do you have any tips for the perfect Miami Beach Outfit? Let me know in the comments below- can’t wait to read about yours!

, Myla

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