Above The Clouds


I absolutely love traveling and I’ve been having many short- and long-distance flights already. Thus I thought to write about my experiences about the different Airlines.

Especially in a long-distance flight you want to travel as comfortably as possible and don’t want to struggle with e.g. little leg space. Anyone who has ever experienced that, knows how bad this can effect your mood shortly before the vacation. To prevent this from happenings, you better inform yourself about the Airline beforehand. Herewith I want to offer you a trusted source.

In my experience reports I cover many specific aspects such as the service, comfort, value for money etc. and rate the Airlines according to my experiences/ opinion. I evaluate the Airlines neutrally and mention all pros and cons known to me. All reports are being kept up-to-date – in case of another new experience with an already reported Airline I will make an edit on that report. You’re also welcome to ask me questions in the comments, I’m going to answer them as good as I can.

With this in mind, enjoy reading and have a pleasant anticipation of your next trip