Attract what you expect,

reflect what you desire,

become what you respect,

mirror what you admire.

I’ve been in so many amazing places on this earth and still have big plans to see even more of our beautiful planet. I decided to take you with me and share with you my experiences, my passion and spread positive energy. 2017, I’m starting this blog.
Be it outfit inspirations, healthy lifestyle tips or discovering new places – you’ll all find them here.
This blog is the home of fashion, fitness and travel. Herewith I’m inviting you to call it yours

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Based in Europe, traveling the world. I’m an International Marketing Manager, YouTuber (what I’ve also just started), a life lover, risk taker and an Entrepreneur-to-be. Ever since I was little I had a strong entrepreneurial mind and motivation. You’ll see my steps and will get inspired if you’re going to follow me on my social media accounts.

I love fashion because I find it astonishing how you can change someone’s appearance just through clothes; in Germany there’s a saying “fine feathers make fine birds“ – a saying to think about.

I wasn’t always a fitness addict and vegan, but now I am and I feel sooo much better (I’m having a vegan diet, but not a fully vegan lifestyle yet). Why and how I’m making it – lots of points to talk about!  I love to have a positive impact on people’s life, so you might find also some motivational thoughts somewhere in the articles.

I’m still learning and will never stop learning. Come and join my journey here, on YouTube and Instagram- let’s grow together!

Never let fear limit your greatness