World Fitness Day 2017

World’s Biggest Fitness Festival in Frankfurt

As some of you may know the first World Fitness Day has taken place in Frankfurt last weekend. For those who don’t know about that- the World Fitness Day is a ‘Fitness Festival’ with many influencers, many of activities, challenges and healthy food for different diet types. Well, better skip the last point. Why? I’m gonna tell you later.

World Fitness Day 2017 in Frankfurt

I was excited and couldn’t wait to finally arrive after a long search for a parking lot. There were many sport enthusiasts and a nice atmosphere. But the Fitness Festival was not as expected or promised: It was rather a Fitness Exhibition than a Fitness Festival. There were a lot of startups and established companies which promoted their brand and sold some products. I talked to other visitors who had the same opinion.

Nevertheless the space for outdoor group workout was huge and fun. You could meet some Influencers, try some new products and motivate yourself by all the well-toned bodies there 🙂

And now let’s talk about the food there. The World Fitness Day 2017 promised a great choice for many types of diet, including the vegan diet. I was so excited about that and couldn’t wait to get inspired by new ideas! But the truth was for vegans there was only a choice of french fries and falafel lol, what the!? In general there was a veeery small selection of healthy food. You could eat curry sausage, pizza and french fries at the ‘World’s Biggest Fitness Festival’. As a Vegetarian you had one more choice than Vegans at least: Pizza Margherita lol. Falafel was sold out so I had to eat french fries because I was so very hungry and just had to. So it ended up the World Fitness Day forced Vegans to have their Cheat Day 😀

After that I enjoyed something healthy and yummy! A melon juice by Yuicery 🙂

World Fitness Day 2017 in Frankfurt

With Karl Ess at his Yuicery stand

World Fitness Day 2017 Yoga


A Fitness Festival is a very cool idea in general. Have you been in any you could recommend? 🙂

♡, Myla

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