Jacket – The Determinant Finish ツ A Jacket can give your outfit a totally different style. You can combine an all-day basic outfit, which doesn’t have any brash specials and looks kind of “boring” with a fancy or eye-catching jacket and your whole look can get a great change. A cool and easy way to … Continue Reading

Outfit Tips For Miami Beach Miami- a city, which never sleeps. Warm, high humidity and in the evening pleasantly cool. What you should wear best? Here are the best tips for a great Miami Beach Outfit and down below are some examples- Outfits, I’ve worn in Miami Beach at night. In the daytime I recommend … Continue Reading

World Fitness Day 2017 World’s Biggest Fitness Festival in Frankfurt As some of you may know the first World Fitness Day has taken place in Frankfurt last weekend. For those who don’t know about that- the World Fitness Day is a ‘Fitness Festival’ with many influencers, many of activities, challenges and healthy food for different … Continue Reading

INTERMITTENT FASTING – How It Works And Its Advantages How Intermittent Fasting works and which Advantages it has Hollywood’s hottest diet besides the vegan diet is the Intermittent Fasting. More and more celebrities are going vegan, trying the intermittent fasting or even better- they’re combining those two diets! I’ve read a lot about this kind of … Continue Reading

Six Best Must-Have Makeup Brands There are so many popular makeup brands on the market. Unfortunately many of them don’t care about the well-being of other living beings. They are testing their products on innocent and helpless animals and torturing them in the most horrible way you can ever imagine… But luckily there are also great … Continue Reading

 Semester Abroad In The Golden State – California One Semester Abroad in California California is love. Who wouldn’t agree!? I studied one semester abroad at the California State University in Fullerton, Orange County. The campus is huuuge and I loved it! For all the foreign students: be ready for the dreaded course crashing, oh oh… … Continue Reading